10 agosto 2005

MR. HENDY- What is this one here?
WAITER- That’s philosophy
MRS. HENDY- Is that a sport?
W- No, It’s more of… an attempt to construct a viable hypothesis to explain the meaning of life

FISH 3- What was that?
FISH 5- What´s he saying?

MR- That sounds wonderful. Would you like to talk about the meaning of life, darling?
MRS- Sure, why not?
W- Philosophy for two?
MR- Right
W- Room?
MR- 259
W- 259
MR- How do we…
W- Oh, you folks want me to start you off?
MR- We’d appreciate that
W- Okay! Look. Have you ever wondered just why you’re here?
MR- We went to Miami last year and California this year then…
W- No, no, no. I mean, why we’re here, on this planet
MR- … no
W- Right. You ever wanted to know what it’s all about?
MR- Nope
W- Right-ho!... See, throughout history, there have certain men and women who’ve tried to find the solution to the mysteries of existence.
MRS- Great!
W- And we call these guys: philosophers
MR- Oh!
MRS- And that’s what we’re talking about…
W- Right!
MRS- Oh, that’s neat.
W- You look like you’re getting the idea, so i’ll give you these conversation cards. They’ll tell you a little about philosophical method, names of famous philosophers…
MR- Thank you, thank you very much

MRS- He’s cute
MR- Yeah, real understanding…
MRS- I never knew Schopenhauer was a philosopher
MR- Oh, yeah. He’s the one that begins with an “S”
MR- Like Nietzsche
MRS- Does Nietzsche begin with an “S”?
MR- There’s an “S” in Nietzsche
MRS- Oh, yes, there is. Do all philosophers have an “S” in them?
MR- Yeah. I think most of them do
MRS- Does that mean Salena Jones is a philosopher?
MR- Yeah! Right! She could be. She sings about the meaning of life
MRS- Yeah, that’s right… But I don’t think she write her own material…
MR- No? maybe Schopenhauer writes her material…
MRS- No, Burt Bacharach writes it.
MR- But there’s not “S” in Burt Bacharach
MRS- or in Hal David
MR- Who’s Hal David?
MRS- He writes the lyrics. Burt just writes the tunes. Only now, he’s married to Carole Bayer Sager…

MR- Waiter? This conversation isn’t very good
W- Oh… I’m sorry, sir.


Blogger LULÙ farfullo...


Blogger Zé Gato farfullo...

incredible dialogue.

Although i prefer life of brian, meaning of life is excelent!

Anonymous Anónimo farfullo...

esto no lo has escrito tu ni de coña...

Blogger Carol farfullo...

Claro que no. Es ovbio.

Anonymous perchadm farfullo...

vaya! pense que me ibas a soltar alguna peste...

Blogger Carol farfullo...

a puntito estuve... pero me sono a provocación...
suerte que estoy serena :))))))

Anonymous perchadm farfullo...

AAhh... tu siempre una fuente de sorpresas...

Anonymous aguilar farfullo...

El sentido de la vida, de los Monty Python.


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