23 julio 2005

My holidays playlist ;D

I’ll go to the airport in a little time, so i’ve to be brief. If anyone wants to know more about any album, please ask me at my mail.

1.- Albert King, Funky London (1994). The King’s electric blues guitar over funky lines.

2.- Eric Burdon & War, Eric Burdon declares WAR (1970). The first Lp of Burdon with WAR. Mix of blues, funky and a psychedelic rock shade.

3.- Extremoduro, Yo, minoría absoluta (2002). A more mature album of this band, of course, full of range, rock guitars and a voice dragged by the vice.

4.- Henri Crolla, Notre ami Django (1956-1958). Homage to Django Reinhardt with a Stephan Grapelli’s violin. Pure Jazz in Paris.

5.- Janis Joplin, Pearl (1971). My favourite, always come with me. The most intense voice of the female blues.

6.- John Coltrane, A love supreme (1964). A sax’s God and the father of the modern Jazz.

7.- Najwa, Mayday (2003). She gives you simple electronic sounds and a delicate, subtle voice. Very female.

8.- Stevie Wonder, Talking Book (1972). I’m not really fan of tender songs, but this album it’s different. It has a several styles and the love songs are simply perfect.

9.- The Smiths, The Smiths (1984). The first Lp of this band, unique style of pop, shameless lyrics, and the unmistakable voice of Morrissey.

10.-Victor Bailey, Low Blow (1999). The talent of Bailey united to the influences of the bass heroes. Several kinds of playing but all exceptional.

I hope I’d awoke your curiosity with some of them, and you’ll like it !

See you in London!!


Blogger uao farfullo...

I love the list, and your English is great.

Talking Book, A Love Supreme, Pearl, Albert King, even Eric Burdon & War (a special pleasure of mine, too) all make my top-20.

Think I'll check out Henri Crolla, Extremoduro, and Najwa.


Blogger Figuras Sin Forma farfullo...

que listilla!!!


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